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Mindly Platform

Clever Platform has invested in the Mindly Platform, a hybrid integration data-centric platform with best-of-breed collection of technologies that have been integrated based on cloud-native's best practices.

The Mindly platform functions as a city's mastermind, or as the city's operating system. Mindly's auto-scalability of growth is enabled by the best practices and guidelines of cloud native technology. In other words, Mindly enables you to automatically scale as your business requirements grow.


The cloud-native design will also provide Lego-like flexibility, allowing for simple and seamless plugin integration.

Mindly has the flexibility to make your city intelligent and to incorporate all the advanced and promising technology of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to put the concept of an interactive city as a service into action. Mindly, with its AI touch, will inspire the spirit in the city asset and help citizen’s life and technology inclusion

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