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who are we

Who Are We

Clever Platform has many years of experience working in various areas of IT and engineering. Our multidisciplinary team comes from different of backgrounds and has the combined knowledge and skill sets needed to provide deep knowledge that Smart Cities can benefit from

Our corporate values of trust, transparency, flexibility, and honesty ensure that we always prioritize our customers' needs and never advocate for a product-led solution. Clever Platform takes a comprehensive approach to ensuring that our customers get the most out of their Smart City investment.


Through our wide network of international partners and suppliers, we are device agnostic and offer custom solutions to 

The Rise of the Smart City

the rise

From the earliest civilizations to today's mega-cities, it is clear that the evolution of city living has introduced many advantages for citizens including the exchange of ideas, centers for trade, access to amenities and the enjoyment of the shared community


.The UN estimates that 55% of the world's population now live in a city, although this increased population density comes at a price with many cities suffering problems such as increased pollution, traffic congestion and cost of living.


As we continue to live through the Digital and Information Age, the rise of digital technologies offers cities a huge opportunity to introduce improvements whilst simultaneously reducing many of the problems associated with city living.

Our Approach

our app

At its core, the success of any Smart City project relies on the approach to data and the quality of data available. It is therefore of vital importance that each project has the right sensors and technologies available to suit the use case and the environments in which they operate.


We do not advocate a "one-size-fits-all" approach. At Clever Platform we use the latest technology to meet our clients' business objectives and help them continue to innovate and maximize the efficiency of their value streams.

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